A pool table is a centerpiece of any home, as it is both an attention-grabbing focal piece and a great source of entertainment. However, there comes a time when every billiards fan must make the decision to opt for a pool table recover. There are many reasons that a pool table owner may want to refelt their beloved piece of furniture, but the key to doing it right and getting the most for your money is knowing exactly when to have it serviced.

If you’re unsure whether you’re ready for a pool table recover, consider these reasons to refelt:

  • Felt Is Loose or Torn: Over the years, a pool table goes through normal wear and tear, often causing the felt to become loose or tear in certain places. Any experienced player knows that a taught, rip-free table makes all the difference in their game, so if you’ve noticed that your table is a bit worse for the wear, it’s time to refelt it. A pool table recover should be done any time there is a noticeable blemish that will affect the ability to play, so, to avoid the need to resurface often, use a cover when it is not in use to protect from spills, scratches, and pets.
  • pool table recoverSick of the Color: When pool tables first started to become a popular choice for homeowners, green was the standard felt color. Over time, the color options have multiplied, and many find that the green that once represented a classic pool hall is unappealing or not a good match for inside the home. If you’re sick of the color of the felt, recovering is your best bet. There are endless colors available, the most popular being burgundy, black, or tan.
  • Time: As a general rule, a pool table’s felt will last somewhere between five and 15 years. If your table hasn’t been recovered in more than 15 years, it’s time to have it serviced. Even if there are no blatant signs of distress, it’s in its best condition when the felt is kept fresh and clean.


Whether you have a small or full-sized pool table, it pays to work with a professional who has all the experience and expertise to do the job well. For folks in Bronx, NY, that professional is The Billiard Man. This group of seasoned craftsmen knows the potential of any pool table and will help to maximize yours. Visit them online, or give them a call today at (845) 598-1401 to schedule a pool table recover.