While ice may look beautiful, buildup over time can have a negative impact on your roof. Ice buildup can lead to potential damage to your roof and gutters, resulting in frustrating roofing renovations. To protect against potential hazards, consider the following tips.

How Can Ice Damage Your Roof & Gutters?

1. Ice Dams

When water becomes trapped in multiple adjoining shingles that are curled, it pools and turns to ice during the winter, forming an ice dam. The increased weight combined with the frigid, dry air will damage and potentially shatter asphalt shingles, causing the ice dam to slide off of your roof. Along with broken shingles, this will result in a cracked sidewalk, potential injuries to passersby, and your roofing system’s interior will be exposed. Before winter arrives, have a professional inspect your roofing structure for curled, loose, or cracked shingles, as well as puddles of water.

2. Icicles

roofingIcicles, in particular, can cause significant damage to your gutters and downspouts due to their weight and density, so you should be wary of allowing them to form along the roof. They can weigh down your gutters and potentially pull them away from the roof, leading to gutter damage. Additionally, icicles can build up to the point that pieces will break off and destroy your windows or siding. Also, they could hurt someone walking below them as they fall. 

A roofing professional will equip your gutters with a covering system that will divert water, moist leaves and branches, and other ice shards from accumulating in your gutters. These elements contribute to the excess water and moisture that will help build icicles along your gutter system.

3. Thawed Ice

Once winter nears its end, and the ice begins to thaw, the atmosphere will become more humid and warm, leading to both melting ice and increased moisture. If a significant amount of ice has accumulated on your roof, it can lead to curling your shingles since the water will cause the adhesive to erode. When your shingles are damaged, the melted ice and snow may pool and seep through the roof, resulting in potential dry rot and mold within your roofing system. 

In addition, the ice within your gutters will thaw, releasing leaves and branches that were left in the system, clogging your downspouts easily, compromising the roof’s water retention, and also leading to rot or mold on your roof’s soffit. Gutter covers can also solve this issue by preventing ice from forming along or inside the gutters. New shingles will prevent ice from forming and eventually thawing on your roof.


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