An essential home maintenance task is cleaning out your gutters. However, gutter covers will do the work for you. These guards keep leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your gutters. The following guide highlights the benefits they offer your home.

Why You Should Install Gutter Covers

1. Prevent Rust and Corrosion

When your gutters get clogged with debris, it leads to standing water. Having standing water leads to corrosion of both gutters and potentially your roof. Gutter covers help keep your drains unclogged so water flows away from your home and out of the downspout.

2. Keep Pests Out

Gutters are ideal breeding places for pests like insects and rats. When your gutters get clogged, rats and squirrels make nests in them. Additionally, because covers keep water flowing, mosquitoes can’t use your gutters to lay their eggs. 

3. Deter Fire

gutter coversEven if you don’t live near a fire-prone area, embers carried on the breeze can travel for miles. If these embers land in the leaves and twigs in your gutters, a fire can quickly start and spread. Gutter guards act as a physical barrier between embers and any small contaminants that may be present.

4. Boost Home’s Attractiveness

Gutter covers help boost your home’s attractiveness because they’re easy to clean. Instead of having to dig handfuls of debris out of the gutters, you swipe it off the top of the guards and then hose them down. Additionally, because less debris accumulates, you don’t have to clean them as often. This easier and lower maintenance is a good selling point for potential buyers.


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