When you were looking for a car, you might have opted for a model with excellent gas mileage. However, in some cases, the mileage can decrease over time, which can increase your fuel costs. Here are some of the possible causes, as well as the necessary car repairs and driving modifications to help resolve the issue.

4 Reasons Your Gas Mileage Is Decreasing

1. Fuel Injector

Fuel injectors deliver gasoline to your engine. If they fail, they may inject too little or too much gasoline into the system, resulting in inefficiency and a decrease in engine performance. Other signs of failing fuel injectors include fuel odors and difficulty starting your vehicle. If you suspect a problem with your fuel injectors, a car repair technician can diagnose and address the problem to restore the engine's efficiency.

2. Driving Habits

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When you accelerate quickly, your engine has to work harder than usual, which means this type of driving uses more fuel than smoother, more gradual accelerations. Additionally, the more you stop and go, the more gas you use, making city roads worse for your car's gas mileage than wide freeways. If you're concerned about your gas mileage, plan your journeys to avoid slower city streets and think about walking or using public transit for short distances. You can also try to accelerate more gradually to lighten the burden on your vehicle.

3. Tire Pressure

Low or incorrect tire pressure can increase rolling resistance as you drive, forcing your engine to work harder and consume more gasoline. To avoid this problem, check your tire pressure every month to ensure it falls within the manufacturer's recommended range. This range can be found in the owner's manual or on the inside of the driver's side door.

4. Oxygen Sensors

The oxygen sensor in your car monitors the fuel-air combination and alerts the vehicle computer when more fuel is required. If this part is faulty or fails, the computer receives inaccurate information and sends an excessive amount of gasoline to the engine. A clogged filter in an older car can also reduce air intake, triggering the oxygen sensor and increasing fuel consumption. An auto repair technician can inspect the oxygen sensor and air filter and repair any faulty or damaged components to improve your gas mileage.


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