Stumps are the unsightly remains of trees that have been cut down, whether because they were dead or because they caused problems for the grass or property. Stump removal is the second phase of tree removal and can be taken care of immediately or several years later, but here are a few reasons why you should consider having them removed sooner rather than later.

What Are the Benefits of Stump Removal?

1. Improve Property Appearance

Stump Removal

The most common reason for stump removal is to beautify a yard. While a stump may look better than a dead or dying tree, it's still an eyesore in what could otherwise be a pristine yard. Removing a stump creates space for other landscaping projects and gives the property a more uniform appearance.

2. Protect Your Home From Roots

Tree roots can continue to grow up to seven years after a tree has been cut down. Tree roots on their own aren't strong enough to damage water pipes or sewer lines externally, but they can grow into pipes with preexisting damage and cause them to clog or burst. Stump removal paired with root removal will prevent this.

3. Mitigate Decay & Pests

A stump is an open invitation to decay, disease, fungi, and pests. Termites, beetles, and carpenter ants are easily attracted to such a feast, and this may lead them toward buildings on the property. Tree rot and disease can spread to other trees and shrubs as well as be unhealthy for children or pets who come into contact with them.


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