Whether planting new trees or maintaining mature trees, as a property owner, tree trimming will likely be in your future. Pruning a tree is a delicate balance of art and science and can be confusing to take on, especially as a new homeowner. Check out these common pruning mistakes to help yourself make informed decisions about your trees' futures. 

3 Common Tree Care Mistakes

1. Pruning at the Wrong Time

You should not prune a tree during the growing season. Early pruning can malnourish and weaken a tree, especially if the growing season coincides with a drought. Overpruning during any season should also be avoided as it can impact future growth and health. 

2. Using the Wrong Tools   

tree trimming

Using dull tools may not seem like more than just extra muscle for you, but dull or improper tools can strip bark and cause bigger and more unnecessary wounds to the tree.  Not only can the dullness of the tool be unsafe for the tree, but for you as well. Tree trimming can quickly become a hazardous situation. It is easy to lose balance on a ladder when holding tools, and if those tools are not sharp or are not right for the job, it increases the risk of injury even more for you and your tree. 

3. Making the Wrong Cut

Cutting too close or too far from the trunk is a common tree trimming mistake. Cutting too close, called a flush cut, can wound the tree and make it hard for the tree to heal. Cutting too far, also known as a stub cut, will cause a dead limb to spread the decay into the tree. Heading cuts, small cuts made at the end of a branch, are also ill-advised as openings made by those cuts can invite pests and bacteria into the tree. When the branches grow back from where the heading cut was made, they may grow back weaker or sick. 

Topping the tree, or cutting off the top, is another common pruning mistake that can greatly damage a tree and even your property. This type of cut is one of the most stressful for a tree and can cause imbalanced future growth. This lack of balance can make the tree more likely to fall. 


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