Friday is the last day for the discounted, early-bird price for the class "Know Yourself, Renew Your Desire," taught by Rebecca Love, LPC, CST (AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist) and Melissa Sundberg, DPT (pelvic floor PT), both providers at Women's Wellness at the Nest. This 12-week online course is designed to help women get more comfortable in their skin, better understand their bodies, and rekindle their sex lives. If you feel like your sex life is in a bit of a rut, or would just like to enjoy it more, this class is for you! Here are some FAQs to help you decide if this is the right move for your life:

Wondering if the class is for you??

I’m going to be in and out of town a lot this summer. Will this group work for me?

Yes! We realize it’s summer and you want to get out and about. Both the resources and educational talks will be recorded, as well as the Q and A. Did reading something bring up some questions for you? Message us directly to submit them to the weekly Q and A!

Asking a sexual question in a group is my nightmare - can I ask questions privately?

We get it! While we want to reduce shame about bodies and sex, we know these things can be tough to talk about. And if you have the question, someone else likely does too! PM us and we’ll answer it in the weekly Q and A

My schedule is crazy - can I still do this group?

Yes! We are busy working Moms and we get it! All the resources and topics can be viewed when convenient for you, and dialogue about them will be a rolling conversation between all members throughout the week.

I’m not currently in a relationship - will this still benefit me?

Absolutely. It is always good to know more about your body and it’s changes, what other’s experience, what’s happening in the world of sex and sex research, and get more comfortable with this topic overall. 

It seems kind of expensive. Will it be worth it?

We get that this is an investment. We are excited to offer this group format combining the wisdom of others with our expertise and our curated resources. Individual therapy can be expensive and inaccessible. Think of this like a master course in women’s sexuality and bodies - your Fall self will thank you for investing this summer in yourself and your relationships! Also, register before 5/21 to get 25% discount!

I have a lot of unresolved trauma. Is this group for me?

Many of our clients have experienced trauma in their lives, and unfortunately many related to sex. We just ask that you are supported outside of group by a caring therapist or provider who can help you process if things come up - or that you’ve done this work in the past. 

Check it out at! But don't wait past Friday to save 25%!!

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