From local traditions to sunny beaches and lush, tropical wildlife, there are many experiences to enjoy during a trip to Hawaii, and it can be challenging to end your vacation. However, if you choose the right souvenirs, you can take a little bit of the island home to spark memories of your island adventure. Whether you’re looking to get memorabilia for yourself or buy a gift for a loved one, here are some of the best souvenirs to bring a piece of Hawaiian culture home.

4 Best Souvenir Options From Hawaii

1. Locally-Made Soaps

Hawaiian-made soaps feature fresh scents that will leave you feeling like you’re bathing in an island waterfall or touring a tropical, botanical garden. Local ingredients, such as plumeria, hibiscus, and other indigenous plants, produce unique fragrances that are ideal for flower fanatics and anyone who likes to treat themselves to an at-home spa day.

2. Hawaiian Music

Hawaiian cultureNothing is quite as soothing as the sound of ukulele music playing against a beach background. If you want to bring these sounds home, or treat a music lover to the experience, pick up a Hawaiian music CD at a local gift shop. As soon as you press play, you’ll instantly be reminded of the lighthearted leisure that the island music represents and the important role it has in Hawaiian culture.

3. Tropical Snacks

While you may not be able to pack a luau in your suitcase, you can certainly bring home many snacks that celebrate Hawaiian culture. Perfect for any foodie, these local goodies can include rich macadamia nuts, crunchy toffee with Hawaiian chocolate, and island-grown coffee.

4. Island Jewelry

Artisans throughout Hawaii are known for creating handmade, intricate, and beautiful jewelry pieces, including earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Many of these pieces feature traditional designs and native resources, such as tropical flower patterns, pearls, and Koa wood. With so many timeless options, you won’t go wrong picking out something for the special someone in your life.


If you’re searching for one-of-a-kind souvenir gifts on Oahu, visit the local gift shop at Waimea Valley. Nestled between Pupukea and Haleiwa, HI, this cultural site gift shop is stocked with many island-produced goods. If you’re looking to take home more than souvenirs, this ecological and historic site can provide you with many unique Hawaiian culture experiences, such as botanical garden tours, regional cuisine, and festive celebrations. View the gift shop selection online, or call (808) 638-7766 to speak with a team member about their Hawaiian culture programs.