Waimea Valley

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59-864 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712

About Waimea Valley

Where Hawai'i Comes Alive

The sacred Waimea Valley, in Haleiwa, HI, is at the center of ancient Hawaiian history. This 1,875-acre park holds many historic archaeological sites, a world-class botanical garden, and a 45-foot waterfall—all while serving as a wildlife refuge for many of Hawaii’s endangered animals.

Waimea Valley, is also known as the Valley of the Priests, is on the North Shore of Oahu where it was largely unexamined by scientists until recently due to the rugged terrain. Nearly 80 archaeological sites have been found, and those numbers continue to grow as more exploration occurs. These sites date back to the time of Hawaiian monarchy, and showcase ancestral shrines, ancient living sites, and agricultural terraces.

Because Waimea Valley has long been unexplored, it is also home to many of Hawaii’s endangered plants and animals. Endangered animals such as the alae ula, otherwise known as the moorhen, and all species of o'opu, goby fish which are part of Hawaiian spirituality and ceremonies, are protected here.

Walk through the valley where ancient Hawaiians once strode. Visitors can also experience Hawaiian traditions through the valley’s many activities, such as hula dancing demos, traditional Hawaiian games, arts and crafts, lei making, cultural artisans, demonstrations and storytelling. The valley hosts the following tourist attractions and activities:

  • Waterfalls (Waihi Falls)
  • Botanical Garden
  • Wildlife & Endangered Animals
  • Cultural Sites and Activities

Waimea Valley is revered for its ecological diversity and natural preservation of archaeological sites, harking back to the first people of Hawaii. Plan your next trip to this one-of-a-kind natural treasure to experience true Hawaiian culture and where Hawaii comes alive. Call them today at (808) 638-7766, visit their website, or conveniently purchase tickets online.


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"Really nice walk through the botanical garden to get to the waterfall"... ...more
- Trevor Bingham[Google My Business, July 19, 2020]
"Exotic flora and a waterfall await you. This is an easy walking park for everyone....people with small children in strollers to kids and older people. Most..."... ...more
- Sherrie K.[Yelp, July 20, 2020]
"(Translated by Google) There is a trekking course on Oahu in Atchikochi, but there are few safe places, but this is a paid but highly safe course. Recommended for those who are tired of courses such as Diamond Head, Manu'a Falls and Makapuu Point. (Original) オアフ島にはアッチコッチにトレッキングコースが有るが、安全な所は少ないが、此処は有料だが安全性が高いコースです。 ダイヤモンドヘッド、マヌアの滝、マカプウポイントなどのコースに飽きた人にお勧め。"... ...more
- 驚愕[Google My Business, July 24, 2020]