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Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group, LLP

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1850 East Ridge Rd, Rochester, NY 14622

About Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group, LLP

Since opening for business in 1992, Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group has a reputation for providing unmatched professional medical care. With a roster of caring and experienced doctors who strive to be at the forefront of medicine, this Rochester, NY, based health center has become a trusted pillar of the local community.

As Rochester’s leading source for ongoing medical care for adults, Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group focuses on offering comprehensive general health services. Whether you’re looking for routine physicals, prevention and wellness assistance, or work and travel exams, their team of doctors is available to help you achieve optimal health.

Best of all, Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group believes in providing compassionate patient care while staying up to date on the latest technology. In fact, in 2001, they were one of the first health centers in the region to digitalize all patient records. With electronic filing, they can provide excellent one-on-one care and stay up to speed on each patient’s medical history instantly. With their cutting-edge system, their doctors, nurses, and support staff can spend more time getting to know each patient on a personal level. In turn, you’ll feel welcome, comfortable, and important when you choose Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group for your medical care needs.

If you live in the Greater Rochester, NY, area, and you’re looking for a top-notch health center known for providing trusted medical care, call Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group today at (585) 342-3870 to schedule your next appointment. For more information on their experienced doctors, explore their center online.


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