After coping with hearing loss, getting hearing aids can be a blessing. They grant you the freedom to socialize and enjoy daily activities without struggling to hear those around you. One activity you may begin to enjoy more is exercise. With a hearing device in place, you can return to the sports you love but may have missed out on because your hearing was not as sharp as you needed it to be. When returning to exercise and other physical activity, however, it is important to care for your hearing device to ensure its continued use.

3 Hearing Aid Tips During Sports & Activities

1. Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry

hearing aidExcess moisture in your ear may make your hearing aids shift, causing feedback and potentially damaging their internal circuitry. While you should always avoid pools and saunas while wearing your hearing device, it is important to keep sweat from getting into it as well. Wearing a hat or sweatband while exercising may help prevent sweat from accumulating near your ears and hearing device.

2. Exercise Caution During Aggressive Activity

If you participate in contact sports such as football, martial arts, or basketball, it is important to take extra caution with your hearing device. Hard impact or a rough fall may cause you hearing aid to break or become dislodged. Consider attaching clips to your hearing aids to protect them from getting lost and take them out before participating in more aggressive sports.

3. Thoroughly Clean & Dry Your Hearing Aids After Activity

After exercising, it is important to wipe your hearing aids to ensure that no sweat or moisture has gotten into them. After cleaning them, lay them out to dry overnight to get rid of any sweat or residue that may have been left behind.


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