It may be a digital era, but printing services aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. According to several studies, people of all ages tend to prefer printed books over e-books—even millennials. America North Printers in Anchorage, AK, has provided printing services for over 30 years. Over the past three decades, they’ve witnessed numerous changes in printed and digital media. Here, the staff of this local print shop explains a few reasons people prefer print over digital. 

Why Do People Prefer Print to Digital? 

1. Less Eyestrain & Headache 

Staring at a screen for a prolonged period can lead to eyestrain and headaches. Furthermore, light-emitting e-readers can negatively affect sleep patterns. In fact, a study found it takes e-book readers 10 more minutes to fall asleep compared to those who read print materials. 

2. Fewer Distractions 

Electronic devices contain numerous distractions. For one thing, users can easily be tempted to surf the web or check social media while in the middle of reading a text. Even e-readers have pop-up ads that divert the reader’s attention. 

3. Better Reading Comprehension 

printing servicesA study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University found people have better reading comprehension when reading from a printed book—rather than an e-reader. The researchers found participants were more likely to skim and skip text while reading on a digital device. When they were asked to write a summary of the text, those who read from a printed copy demonstrated greater understanding. 

4. Stronger Connection 

Reading from printed materials gives people a pleasant, tactile experience. Researchers have found people enjoy being able to hold a book and turn its pages. This physical connection results in a stronger emotional connection as well. People feel more invested in stories and characters when reading from a printed text. 

Although digital media has its merits, it won’t replace printed materials anytime soon. If you’re an Alaska resident in need of printing services, contact the experts at America North Printers. They offer comprehensive printing services, from postcards and booklets to business cards. Call (907) 562-6416 to speak with a friendly staff member, or visit their website to place an order.