You rely on optimal water pressure throughout your plumbing for many household activities and chores. When your faucets and fixtures emit dull streams, it may be difficult to wash dishes, water the lawn, or shower comfortably. Thankfully, a plumber will diagnose and correct any weak water issues. Here are a few common causes of low pressure. 

Why Do You Have Weak Water Pressure? 

1. Corrosion 

Your plumbing has a life expectancy and can become corroded after a certain age. It's important to know what the pipes are made of as well as how old they are so that you know when they need replacing.

Corroded plumbing can cause low pressure and discolored water. A plumber can determine if the pipes are corroded and make any necessary repairs to get your water flowing normally again. They can also let you know what the pipes are made of and how old they are to ensure you can keep track of their condition in the future. 

2. Faulty Pressure Regulator


Some homes are equipped with water regulators, which keep the water at a constant pressure level. If your regulator is broken or damaged, you may experience weak water pressure. This device is usually located by the main shut-off valve.

You can test if the regulator is faulty by attaching a water gauge to the outdoor spigot closest to the device. If the regulator gives a different reading than the gauge, it should be repaired or replaced by a professional.

3. Clogged Pipes

Clogs within pipes can cause weak water pressure anywhere in your home. They can be caused by hair, food from a garbage disposal, or items that may have fallen into the sink accidentally. If only an individual sink or faucet has low pressure, there's a clog by that fixture. However, low pressure throughout the house may indicate a deeper issue affecting the main water line. 

Serious clogs can sometimes be difficult to locate and tough to clear out on your own. A plumber can take care of blockages with ease and have your water pressure back to normal in no time.


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