There are few things more frustrating than your water running cold right in the middle of a relaxing shower. However, this plumbing problem is pretty common, as many different issues can cause it. If your water doesn't stay hot, check these parts and then call a professional to get you back to a steamed up mirror.

3 Reasons Your Shower Keeps Running Cold

1. Water Heater

If none of the showers in your home are regulating temperature properly, the culprit is likely your water heater. The first thing you'll want to do is check the temperature control. If it's too low, increase the temperature to get your water to an ideal temperature. If the unit doesn't seem to be working at all, it might've blown a fuse. Another frequent issue, specifically with water heaters that use gas, is a blown-out pilot light. If none of these quick-to-notice problems seem to be causing your heating issues, there could be a more complex problem that requires a professional inspection.

2. Pipes

plumbingIf your water is only struggling to stay hot in one shower, but all of your other fixtures are fine, the problem likely stems from your pipes. Older pipes can corrode over time and may need replacing. If you have a newer plumbing system, the pipes won't corrode beyond some minor oxidation, but they may be obstructed with sediment or another object. Call a professional to inspect your pipes and get your water flowing properly again.

3. Shower Valve

The temperature of your water could also be affected by a broken shower valve. Just like all other parts, shower valves experience wear and tear with time, and parts of the rubber can eventually swell and restrict water flow. These parts can also break off and block the waterway, which requires the entire valve to be flushed out. Getting these parts replaced by a professional will help bring your water back to comfortable temperatures.


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