The most common cause behind clogged drains is when homeowners put items down that the pipes aren’t designed to handle. Food particles and household items will get trapped inside the plumbing and block the flow of waste. You can avoid a clogged toilet, sink, or shower by never putting any of the following common items down your drains.

What to Avoid Sending Down Your Pipes

1. Grease, Fat & Oils

These materials cause many issues with kitchen garbage disposals. These substances bind anything else that is sent down the drain together to create a sticky glob that blocks up the entire pipe. This includes cooking oil, gravy, cooked fat from meat, and dairy products.

2. Feminine Hygiene Products

These products are designed to expand when they become wet, which means they can easily clog up your plumbing. Products such as tampons and pads should always be disposed of in a trash can. If continually flushed down your toilet, the chances of a septic backup and costly emergency repairs are increased. 

3. Kitty Litter 

plumbingKitty litter is designed to expand and bunch together when it gets wet, so it can absorb pet waste and become easy to remove from the box. This creates an instant clog when you flush it down the toilet since all of the litter will bind together, expand, and fossilize inside the pipes. Even litters that claim to be “flushable” are likely to create a clog due to their clumping feature, so your safest bet is to throw it in the garbage.

4. Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes aren’t actually flushable, though they may advertise that they are. These materials aren’t designed to break down in your waste system the way that toilet paper does. These wipes can latch onto other items and wreak havoc on a septic system.

5. Hair

Hair is a common issue in shower and bathroom sink drains. The hair will get caught up in the plumbing pipes, and slowly accumulate until the hair blocks the flow of fluid. Place hair catchers over the sink or shower drain. When shaving or washing your hair, be mindful of the excess hair while you clean. If you are shaving your face in the bathroom sink, you can lay down paper towels to catch the hair follicles. 

6. Coffee Grounds

Throw all coffee grounds into the trash or compost bin. This is one of the most common causes of kitchen blockages. The grounds pack together inside the drain, creating a sludgy mix over time. Eventually, liquid and food debris will not be able to pass down the drain, and water will pool in your sink. If this occurs, contact a plumber to remove the clog safely and efficiently. 


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