Your hot water tank plays a vital role in your home's daily operations. Often situated out of sight and out of mind in the basement or in a closet, it’s easy to forget about it until something goes wrong. Proper maintenance of your water heater not only benefits you by preventing unexpected shortages of warm water, but it can also extend the unit’s life span. Therefore, consider implementing the following.


Set the tank at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though some tanks are set by the manufacturer at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the EPA recommends bumping this down to 120 degrees and keeping it there. This temperature kills bacteria while not overworking your unit, which will also result in utility cost savings for your household.

Regularly check for leaks and cracks. 

If your hot water tank isn’t in an area where it’s frequently seen, make it a point every few months to perform a quick visual inspection. Look for water around the tank and inspect the body for cracks. Catching these early can prevent flooding and water damage later.   


Place combustible material near the tank.

Don’t store combustible and flammable materials within 18 inches of the tank. The heat your tank produces could cause these items to ignite. If the tank is gas-operated, these chemicals can cause fumes that can corrode your pipes. 

hot water tankWait to call for repairs. 

If you notice something wrong with the tank or you spot a crack or leak, schedule repairs immediately. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of further damage. They can also show you how to properly flush the hot water tank—a task that should be performed every 6 to 12 months—to prevent a build-up of sediment, which could hamper efficiency.


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