Regular drain cleaning prevents unwanted plumbing clogs. However, if you are like most people, cleaning hair out of the sinks isn't a household chore you look forward to. Make this task easier on yourself and protect the pipes at the same time by following these helpful tips.

How to Keep Hair Out of the Drain

1. Brush Your Hair

Before getting in the shower, take a few minutes to comb or brush your hair. This easy step allows you to remove all the loose strands and make sure they end up in the trash—not in the drain. 

2. Install Strainers 

plumbingWhile a pre-shower brush catches the majority of loose hairs, more will inevitably come out in the shower. Keep them from flowing into the plumbing by installing covers on all of the drains. Empty the strainer every few days to maintain good water flow and keep the showers and sinks clean. 

3. De-Shed Pets

There's a lot to love about being a pet owner, but the amount of hair that animals shed can be a nuisance to you and the plumbing. Try to brush your cat or dog several times a week to remove loose hairs. This regular brushing will minimize how much fur comes off them when it's time for a bath. Remember to immediately wash the tub and empty the strainer to prevent any loose hairs from going down the drain.


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