Troublesome drain clogs are an issue many homeowners face. They’re often caused by flushing the wrong foods or liquids, and when handled incorrectly, may cause other plumbing issues. You should follow these key rules when handling drain cleaning to prevent extensive damage to your pipes.


Run hot water.

If your drains are slow, hot water may help remove obstructions. Many issues are caused by grease and cooking oils that coat the sides of the pipes. They’ll gradually capture food particles and create blockages. Hot water may break up this sludge and loosen lodged debris.

Try a plunger.

drain cleaningA plunger might resolve a light clog. Pick up a standard plunger and fill the sink with a few inches of water. Place the plunger over the drain and pump up and down until the water flows freely into the piping.

Test and repeat as needed. If the blockages remain, you’ll need a professional drain cleaning service to break them up. If you try this method, don’t use the same plunger you use for your toilet.


Use chemicals without doing your research.

Drain cleaning products may seem like a quick fix, but some may do more damage to your drainage system. Corrosive products can wear down PVC piping or break older metal pipes, causing leaks and water damage.

Commercial products may also damage your skin or eyes, so consult with a professional before pouring any chemicals down your drain. They can confirm the type of piping you have and recommend safe products to use.

Wait to call a plumber.

Some blockages can’t be resolved with a DIY approach, so contact a drain cleaning service. A plumber will snake a steel wire down the drain to destroy the toughest clogs. This will free up space in the pipes and prevent pressure from building up and breaking them. Professionals will ensure nothing is damaged in the process and can inspect the rest of your system for leaks or other problems.


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