If your pipes have started to make loud clanging sounds, you’re experiencing a phenomenon known as water hammer. These noises are caused by issues with your pipes or water pressure. Over time, water hammers can lead to extra wear and tear, making it important to call for plumbing services before your system experiences too much damage. 

3 FAQ About Water Hammer

How does water pressure contribute to the problem?

Sudden changes in water pressure can cause water to change direction rapidly. This water will seek out a place to go, hitting pipe walls and causing the clanging. If the noise occurs frequently and doesn’t seem to be specific to a certain appliance or faucet, it could be due to a high residential sitting water pressure. A plumbing contractor can install a pressure regulator to fix this problem.

Do old pipes have an impact?

plumbing servicesOlder water pipes are a common noise creator, as they are not always well-secured to a home’s structure. These pipes may shift when there’s an abrupt change in water pressure, making them a common cause of water hammer.

To find problem areas, have a family member run various faucets and appliances while you listen for the noise. If you identify the source, try securing the loose pipe with clamps, clips, or plumber’s tape to reduce any noise. If this doesn’t work, there could be a more serious cause, and you should schedule plumbing services to check your system for other issues.

Can appliances cause a water hammer?

Even a lone appliance could cause fluctuations in your pressure that can lead to water hammer. Items like dishwashers or washing machines can do this when they abruptly stop taking in water. If a certain appliance is causing the noises, use a water hammer arrester—or an in-line arrester—to resolve the issue.

These come in different variations based on the type of appliance and are available at most hardware stores. If you don’t feel comfortable installing one, call a plumber to help.


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