Whether you’re cooking or cleaning, a leaky water heater can become a major hindrance. The component is integral to the functionality of your plumbing fixtures and home appliances. Spotting leaks and scheduling the necessary water heater repairs will prevent delays and discomfort in your daily routine. Use the following guide to know what to look for.

Basics of Water Heater Leaks


Located on top of the tank, the cold water inlet and hot water outlet are responsible for feeding and redirecting water to and from the heater. These connections are often the most common sources of leaks since water is always flowing through them. 

water heater repairAlso situated at the top, the temperature and pressure relief valve prevents steam from creating a pressurized explosion. It’s attached to a thin, vertical pipe outside of the tank, known as an overflow pipe or discharge tube. If you see any water underneath it, the valve has released some of that steam. However, if you see water around the valve itself, it may need to be fixed or replaced.

Attached near the bottom of the tank, the drain valve empties the mechanism whenever necessary. During maintenance, it’s used to flush out any built-up sediment. A semi-open valve is often the cause of leaks in this spot. 

When to Seek a Replacement

In most situations, having a plumber tighten or replace the loose components will be the extent of the necessary water heater repairs. If the leak appears to be at the bottom of the tank itself, the entire container may need to be replaced. Sediment has likely accumulated enough to corrode the metal. To avoid this in the future, make sure to have the tank flushed regularly. 


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