The main water line, which runs from the well or public water supply to the house, is the most important plumbing component on your property. A disruption in this line could leave your family without a reliable and healthy supply of water. Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the early warning signs of potential problems so that you can have a plumber address them promptly.

When to Call a Professional for Water Line Repairs

1. Puddles

A leaking water line will saturate the soil in the yard with water. Eventually, the water rises to the surface, leaving puddles or soggy spots on the lawn. The extra moisture may also fuel an unusual green and lush growth along the line, even if you can’t see the pooling water.

2. Decreased Water Pressure

plumbingA blockage in the water line will force water to flow slower since the same amount of liquid can’t run through the plumbing system. This will cause the water pressure to decrease.

If your faucet only releases a slight trickle or it’s taking longer to rinse your hair in the shower, the water line might be clogged. Low pressure could also be the result of a leak. Either way, call a professional to determine the issue and avoid future problems.

3. Inflated Water Bills

If you’re connected to a public water supply, a leak in the line will make it look like you’re using more water than you really are. You’ll be charged for the liquid that’s lost on its way to your home.

Your bills will rise significantly, even if you aren’t using more water than usual. Compare your most recent bill to previous records to determine if the increase is due to a change in the seasons or a more pressing issue.


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