Alaska typically starts to see snow in October, though it’s possible for northern areas of the state to get snowfall as early as August. While drivers know to expect wintry road conditions every year, many put off winterizing their vehicles until the last minute. From keeping your auto insurance premiums down to avoiding long wait times at the repair shop, here’s why you should think about winterizing early.

Why Should You Winterize Your Vehicle Now?

1. Equip Your Car for a Better Driving Experience

Driving in wintry conditions can be challenging even for seasoned drivers. While you should always exercise caution in the snow or ice, services like winter tire installations, brake services, tuneups, and winter wipers may make it easier to navigate a variety of weather conditions. It’s better to book now, before auto shops become backed up with appointments, to ensure your vehicle is well-prepared for the first snow of the season.

2. Reduce the Risk of Accidents

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Each year, tens of thousands of people are injured in auto accidents caused by wintry conditions. While auto insurance can cover the damage to vehicles and other expenses, the lasting psychological and physical effects of a serious car accident can be severe. 

Moreover, being involved in an accident can increase your auto insurance rates. Winterizing your car now—before the bad weather has actually started—can help reduce your risk of accidents.

3. Stay Safe in the Event of Getting Stranded

While it’s a scenario no one wants to envision, there’s always the risk that immense snowfall could block roads and leave you stuck. Prepping a winter car kit now can keep you safe in this event. You’ll want to include supplies to enhance your visibility, such as matches, a flashlight, and flares. 

In addition, stock it with non-perishable food and water, warm winter clothing, a first aid kid, and extra antifreeze. Make sure you have a bag of sand and a shovel, as well as an ice scraper, to remove snow and ice from your vehicle and its surroundings.


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