If you’re building a new home, consider your family’s specific needs when designing the rooms. If you have young children, including at least one family-friendly bathroom is smart. Ideally, you want a space that’s functional for the children now but can also mature with them. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning the kids’ bathroom in your new home.

What Should You Consider for Kids’ Bathrooms?

1. Accessibility

Keep things low for the little ones to reach. Include a step stool for easy and safe climbing to reach a sink or counter. This is a stopgap solution to help transition kids as they grow. Additionally, make things readily available within a small reach so children can dry their hands and hang up towels. Accessories, like hooks or shelves, are perfect because they can be adjusted to the right height as your children grow.

2. Safety 

new homeDesign the children’s bathroom in your new home with safety in mind. Keep electric appliances far from the sink and bathtub, especially if this is a bathroom shared by adults and children. Leave space in your design to incorporate slip-resistant carpets or mats in front of the sink and bathtub.

3. Organization

Think about ways to assist children in keeping the bathroom tidy, not only through design but also as a teaching tool. When you move into your new home, set a cleaning schedule, and have children at almost any age help out in the tasks. Hang a chore chart on the bathroom wall to keep track of progress. Use a shelving system to hold baskets, bins, and caddies to hide toys. Make sure that everything has a place to be put away, and hold older children accountable for organizing their possessions and bath accessories.


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