When designing your custom home, you will make many decisions that affect how it will look. One significant choice is whether to utilize an open or closed floor plan. Because both options afford numerous benefits to homeowners, it is challenging to make the right decision. Below are a few aspects to consider when reviewing floor plan designs for your custom build. 

Open Floor Plans

This choice is common in modern lofts, and it offers a clear line of vision throughout the entire home. This openness makes for a communal, family-oriented space, and also allows parents to watch playful children. For lighting, the lack of walls allows natural light to permeate the space. Open floor plans also create a modern aesthetic in the home, which pairs well with contemporary decor and furnishings. 

custom homeOf course, these floor plans are not for everyone. Decorating an open space is more challenging, and you may need a single theme to ensure a uniform design throughout the home. Also, while some people enjoy communal living, others appreciate the privacy of a traditional home plan. 

Closed Floor Plans

Along with increased privacy, a traditional custom home also offers more flexible design options. When rooms are separate, there are fewer concerns about matching one room's decor to another. Closed floor plans are also easier to organize, as they typically include more closets and storage spaces. 

With a closed space, you’ll have less access to natural lighting. That means some rooms may feel dark, which can diminish their appeal in the home. It may also impact the natural flow of the house when areas are closed off from one another. However, you can fix this by utilizing wider hallways that allow sufficient sightlines.


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