Whether you need more room for a growing family or are moving to accommodate a new job, building a custom home is one of the best ways to upgrade your residence. This is because you control the design of the new home, allowing you to add many different features that existing homes may not have. If this interests you, below are some of the most significant advantages you will receive.

Why Should You Consider a Custom Home?

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

If protecting the environment is significant to you and your family, a custom home can lower your monthly energy bills and reduce your environmental impact. For example, you can include Energy Star® appliances that use less electricity and water, as well as high-quality insulation that traps the conditioned air inside your home. Then, consider double-pane windows that prevent air exchange, saving both money and energy.

2. Unique Designs

custom homeYou will enjoy designing a house that suits your aesthetic when you work with a new home builder. Whether you’ve always wanted an open floor plan, a spiral staircase, multiple full bathrooms, or an in-ground pool, a custom residence lets you turn your vision into reality. You control each design step to ensure the home fits your needs and budget.

3. Increased Privacy

If your lot is in a high-traffic area, there are many options to increase the privacy of your home. Get creative with large fence materials, strategically-placed trees and shrubs, and water features that function as sound barriers. However, make sure the fencing doesn’t violate county regulations or homeowners association guidelines to prevent fines.

4. Lot Customization

Building a custom home lets you take full advantage of the lot. For example, you can orient the house in any direction that you choose. This allows you to place trees that shade the bedrooms, while sunlight hits a vegetable garden or pool. Then, think about air flow patterns to maintain home comfort, as well as the best locations for features such as a deck, shed, and detached garage. 


If you want to bring your custom home vision to life, contact R & J Custom Home Builders in Chillicothe, OH. These new home builders will simplify the design and construction processes to help you get the most from your project. Call (740) 703-9242 to speak to a team member about your needs. Visit them online for more information about their services.