A microunit apartment building is comprised of multiple small homes. While the architecture of the individual unit is more compact than that of a standard house, each space still offers all of the essential comforts of a home. Here’s what to know about this type of development.

What Are Microunit Apartment Buildings?

Microunits are studio apartments between 200 and 400 square feet. A microunit usually contains a living and sleeping area, kitchenette, and bathroom in an open floor plan. The layout typically depends on how the owner sets up the space.

While microunit buildings attract residents of varying ages and income levels, they tend to appeal mainly to younger buyers and renters who are still single and just starting their careers. These groups usually don't have a lot of possessions, and spend much of their after-work and weekend hours outside of the home. A microunit can also appeal to seniors looking to downsize.

What Features Should You Include in This Project?

The architecture of a microunit is planned to maximize square footage and comfort. Designs typically include plenty of windows, high ceilings, and white walls to create a sense of expansiveness and airiness. Many microunits also include loft and Murphy beds that conserve floor space.

Robust common areas are also popular for these buildings. Communal spaces like a laundry room, spacious lobby, roof deck, theater room, and rentable party spaces create opportunities for socialization and give residents more usable square footage. The building may also provide storage units separate from the apartments to increase convenience.


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