Whether you live in your condo or rent it out, a time may come when you want to update the living space. Before forging ahead with a condo renovation, you'll need to consider various factors to ensure the process goes smoothly and you aren't subject to delays or fines. Here's what to keep in mind for a successful project.

What Factors Should You Consider for a Condo Renovation? 

1. Condo Association Rules

Most condo associations have strict rules about renovations, including what can and cannot be altered and when the projects can happen. For example, your association might prohibit construction work on the weekends as a courtesy to residents, or do not allow changes to certain features like windows, front doors, and balconies. Review the rules before submitting a proposal detailing why you desire renovations.

2. The Parking Situation 

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Parking around a condo building in a high-traffic area is not always easy, especially for contractors driving large commercial vehicles full of equipment and materials. If you have a parking spot in your building’s garage and there's enough clearance for their truck, consider temporarily giving up the space to expedite the project. 

If there isn’t enough clearance, let the contractor know the best places to find free parking or that you will cover parking kiosk fees. The latter solution might be ideal for proximity reasons. 

3. Condo Size 

The square footage of your condo could mean staggering projects so that the workspace does not become cluttered and potentially hazardous. For example, the contractor might need to focus on the kitchen before moving to the living room, bathroom, or bedroom to maintain a navigable space. If the size is not an issue, you can help the workers by providing recommendations for storing materials, such as in an unused room that isn't part of the renovation. 


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