If your asphalt has potholes or cracks, you might want to consider hiring paving contractors to refresh your parking lot. Repaving also improves the appearance of your property, which can bring in new customers and keep old ones. When you’re choosing between commercial paving companies for repairs or a new installation, knowing what to ask will help you select the right one.

What to Ask a Paving Contractor

How much experience do you have?

Commercial paving can be a difficult job, and how well it’s done is usually dependent on how much experience the company has. Ask how long they’ve been completing projects like yours and what percent of their work is commercial versus residential. You may be able to determine what employees have the most experience with the company and request that they work on your job.

Are you fully licensed & insured?

If paving contractors need licenses in your state or county, ask to see a copy. Even if a license isn’t required locally, top-notch insurance is a must. 

paving contractors

This will protect you from damage to the property and ensure financial safety if one of their contractors is hurt on the job. Don’t hire a paving company if they aren’t insured, as the risks are too great.

How will you protect my commercial property?

If completed improperly, a paving job can damage your business’s landscaping. Asphalt can litter grass and flowerbeds, making them look dirty or interfering with growth. Fresh asphalt is sticky, so cleanup can also be a challenge if you've never worked with it. 

It's also important that the asphalt is installed without any depressions or slopes. Ask what measures the paving company will take to ensure the property looks great after they’ve completed their job.

What should I do after the asphalt is laid?

It can take six to 12 months for your asphalt parking lot to fully cure. Usually, you can walk on it immediately, but cars shouldn't drive or park on it for at least three days while it dries. Ask the contractor what type of care will be required during the curing period to make sure the asphalt is in perfect condition. 


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