Most clients and customers base their first impressions on a business’s facade and exterior. The degree of cleanliness communicates what kind of space your company wants to present its customers, as well as your attention to detail. Here are a few cleaning services to schedule if you want your shop or office to look its best.

How to Make Your Business Look More Presentable

1. Parking Lot Sweeping

If your company has a dedicated parking space, it’s likely one of the first areas customers will see upon arrival. Keep your lot tidy and swept clean of twigs, leaves, and dirt. Since the parking lot is a frequently used space, schedule recurring cleaning services to maintain its appearance. These services will ensure your company makes a positive first impression before customers step inside your shop or office.

2. Awning & Canopy Washing

Awning and canopies cleaning servicesare prominent parts of a building’s exterior. These features receive ample exposure to the elements, and they’ll collect grime and wear over time. If your awning or canopy is dirty, schedule a professional washing to restore its look. Your cleaning service team will use low-pressure brush agitation to remove caked-on dust and dirt from even the smallest folds and crevices.

3. Storefront Cleaning

Your storefront needs an occasional thorough scrub to keep it tidy and presentable. Professional cleaners have the appropriate tools to clean the building’s walls, sidewalks, and windows. If you have additional features, like railings, benches, and trash cans, ask the team to tackle those too so that nothing mars the fresh appearance.


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