Most homeowners will deal with a clogged sink at some point. When this happens, knowing what to do and what mistakes to avoid will help you avoid water damage and protect the long-term health of your plumbing system. Learn more about what steps to take with this useful guide.


Clean the stopper.

The stopper and strainer just at the top of the drain can often develop clogs. Hair and other debris can get caught around the strainer and collect soap scum, which will slow down the drain. Remove the stopper by turning the top counterclockwise and pulling it up. You can then try using your fingers or tweezers to remove the clog.

Try a plunger.

plumbingIf you can’t see the clog in your drainpipe, you may still be able to loosen it with a plunger.

Fill the sink with a couple of inches of water, then place the plunger firmly over the drain to create an airtight seal. Pump it up and down a few times to loosen the clog. If this gentle motion does not solve the issue, don’t try to force it.


Use chemical clog removers.

Chemical clog removers do more harm than good. While these harsh chemicals may help dissolve the clog, they will also dissolve the inside of your plumbing, especially with repeated use.

Plus, if the clog isn’t fully dissolved, it will quickly return, since the remaining blockage will accumulate new debris. These chemicals can also throw off the delicate balance of bacteria required to keep some septic systems healthy.

Try to remove a deep clog yourself.

If using a plunger doesn’t work, it’s time to call a plumber. They will locate the blockage and use specialized tools to reach it, or they will open the section of pipe it’s in and remove it. A professional will then safely secure your plumbing back into place.


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