Trees add beauty to any landscape. Arbors with large canopies also provide ample shade on sunny days and are critical in creating oxygen for us to breathe. If you’re in Athens, Georgia, below are a few trees that everyone from pedestrians to arborists can agree are must-sees.

Trees Worth Seeking Out in Athens

1. The Tree That Owns Itself

Located where Dearing and Finley Street meet, the Tree That Owns Itself has quite a backstory. During the 1800s, it was owned by Professor William H. Jackson, who later deeded the oak to itself. In 1942, the tree was ill and fell during a heavy windstorm, but the Junior Ladies Garden Club planted an acorn from the original, calling the new tree “the Son of the Tree That Owns Itself.” 

2. University of Georgia Arboretum

arboristThe University of Georgia has its own arboretum of beautiful trees that are admired by guests and arborists alike. The whole campus is filled with an array of colors, sizes, and styles such as the large Ginkgo tree on the North Campus in front of the Holmes-Hunter Academic building as well as a huge assortment of bamboo trees as you take a pleasant walk.

3. Tracy Street Tree Room

This location is a popular spot for tourists, weddings, and other events. During the 1960s, a fire in the building decimated the ceiling and floor, which opened up the space to nature. After remaining vacant for decades, the current owner sought to preserve it and created an event space with a bed-and-breakfast next door. A large mulberry tree remains in the space and is decorated with an array of lights to enhance the decor and mood.

4. Spec Towns Oak

Spec Towns was an Olympic track and field star in 1936. One of the most famous trees of Athens is the oak named after him. Athletic director Herman Stegeman and his wife brought an oak home from the Black Forest in Berlin and presented it to Spec for winning the gold medal in high hurdles. It was planted behind the North Stands of Sanford Stadium, but when the stadium expanded in 1967, the oak was moved to another location. Unfortunately, the transfer killed the original tree, but the late dean of the university sought a replacement tree. That tree also perished, but the town was able to plant an acorn that is now growing healthily at the south end of the track.


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