You may already know home security equipment is indispensable when it comes to protecting your family and property. However, did you know that these security measures may possibly reduce your homeowners insurance rates? Since security systems can greatly decrease the chance of break-ins and damage, they also reduce your risk. Here are a few features to consider, along with the ways they can affect your insurance rates. 

3 Security Features That May Lower Your Homeowners Insurance

1. Home Security Systems

Homeowners insurance rates fluctuate depending on risk levels and home security equipment greatly reduces the chance of a break-in. These systems consist of a keypad or control panel for quick arming and disarming. When the alarm goes off, it will alert people at the monitoring company, as well as local police and fire stations. You can also have your home outfitted with glass break sensors, motion-activated lights, and surveillance cameras, which deter would-be crooks.  

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2. Smoke Alarms

Fire is another huge threat to your property and poses a serious risk to your family. Smoke alarms alert your household to signs of a fire, allowing you to evacuate as soon as possible. These alarms should be on every floor of the home, within hallways, and directly outside any sleeping quarters. Carbon monoxide detectors are also crucial, as this hazardous gas is undetectable without them. These systems should also be placed on every floor of the home and must be positioned at least five feet from the floor, as carbon monoxide is lighter than air and rises towards the ceiling. 

3. Pool Fencing & Alarms

Home swimming pools carry a lot of liability risk, which is why pool owners typically have higher premiums. Pool security features are crucial to protecting others, but to also keep your rates manageable. All pools should have high perimeter fencing, locking gates, and safety covers that can only be removed by the homeowners. If you want to go the extra mile, consider a pool alarm to alert you when someone attempts to gain access without your permission. 


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