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About Moore Pest Control

No one likes the sight of a rat scurrying across the floor or termites in the cupboard. Fortunately, when you have a pest on your hands, the professionals from Moore Pest Control in Hughes Springs, TX, possess the tools and expertise for the job. Whether you’re plagued by bedbugs, ants, or another problem, these pest control experts will take care of the issue effectively and efficiently.

Not only are pests unsightly and often uncleanly, but they can also inflict serious damage to your property, induce allergies, and even transmit diseases. Given the gravity of a potential pest problem, the experienced professionals from Moore Pest Control address every issue with precision and care. By maintaining the safety of your family and home as the utmost priority, they ensure you receive results you can trust—every single time.

These pest control technicians don’t just rely on a one-size-fits-all approach; they implement advanced pest-specific tactics to most effectively target every issue. When it comes to bedbugs, for example, the team uses a cutting-edge system that produces the fastest possible turnaround time. That way, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to crash for the night. They also have unique and reliable solutions for termites, fire ants, mosquitoes, and wildlife.

To keep crawling critters at bay and your home safe and comfortable, enlist the support of Hughes Springs’ top pest control company. For more information about what Moore Pest Control can do for you, call today at (903) 639-2884, or visit the website.


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"Helped us out big time with some pest, these guys are the best, big thumbs up from GXL GROUP INC !"... more
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