When you live in a warm location such as Hawaii, your roof can feel the effects of the intense heat and humidity. While residential roofing is designed to withstand the elements, excessive direct sunlight and moisture can lead to cracks and leaks. To help you care for your home, here is how heat and humidity can damage a roof and how you can prevent these issues.

How Heat and Humidity Affect Roofs

residential roofingWhen residential roofing is exposed to constant sunlight, the rays and heat can zap out moisture, making shingles prone to cracking, splitting, and curling. 

Excess moisture can also cause similar damage. When rainwater pools in the cracks in your roof, it creates a welcoming place for mold and mildew growth. This requires the assistance of a mold remediation specialist, since it can cause respiratory issues. If pooled rainwater or storms make their way under your shingles, water can leak into your home, potentially damaging personal belongings, walls, furniture, and electronics.

What You Can Do To Prevent Damage

Luckily, residential roofing damage from heat and humidity occurs over an extended period. For roofs under a decade old, annual inspections can repair minor issues to help prevent moisture deposits or cracks. For older roofs, homeowners should regularly inspect their structures for visible signs of damage, such as missing shingles or fallen branches. 

Regardless of your roof’s age, the effects of heat and humidity will be magnified if the attic isn’t well-ventilated. Poor attic ventilation traps heat beneath the roof, putting extra strain on it. To keep your home as cool as possible, consider installing attic insulation to preserve air-conditioned air. If you’re concerned about rainwater or storms, consider weatherproofing your roof by coating your shingles with a waterproof substance, which can repel off water and prevent leaks.


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