Wide-flange beams are extremely popular in the construction industry today. The material provides several key benefits, and you’ll often see it used in the building of homes, bridges, and other structures. Serving Westport, CT, and the surrounding areas since 1984, local professionals turn to Magna Steel Sales for their wide-flange beam needs. Below, this team of experts offers three major benefits of selecting this premium beam style.

3 Benefits of Wide-Flange Beams in Home Building

1. Improved Weight Distribution

beamThe biggest benefit of using wide-flange beams in residential home building is that they allow builders to better distribute weight load over a larger area. This is significant because it means that structures can be built larger and wider without the risk of failure.

2. Increased Efficiency

Another benefit of wide-flange beams in home building is the weight of the beam itself. When compared to a square beam of the same size, wide-flange beams weigh less. Since they are optimized to support a bigger load, these beams are more efficient than the alternative.

3. Standard Sizing

Additionally, wide-flange beams have a standardized size chart in any given country. This allows professional architects, builders, and engineers to easily communicate what size beams are needed during planning and construction. Effective communication will mean less of a chance that your residential building project will get delayed due to beam sizing issues.

If you’re looking to invest in wide-flange beams or other steel products for your next commercial or private project, turn to Magna Steel Sales. As the trusted, local steel provider of choice, the company boasts a comprehensive structural steel inventory that is sure to meet your needs. Give them a call today at (203) 888-0300 to learn more. You can also visit them online to view their inventory, including galvanized steel, rolled steel, and bar grating.