A garage door consists of multiple parts that work together to raise and lower the panels on demand. Understanding the role of these parts and how they function can help you determine when garage door repairs may be needed. Learn about the six most important door parts below.

A Guide to Garage Door Parts

1. Panels

Typical doors contain a series of rectangular panels, made of metal, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. They make up the majority of the door and are the parts that most people see, so they play an important role in both functionality and curb appeal. You will need garage door repairs when the panels are damaged due to accidents or when they sag or don't fully open and close.

2. Tracks

garage door repair

Located on either side of the panels, the tracks are made of metal and basically guide the door to ensure it stays in place when opening or closing. If the tracks are bent, damaged, or loosened, they should be fixed as soon as possible by a garage door repair professional to prevent the door from coming off the tracks.

3. Rollers

Inside the tracks are several rollers, each one consisting of a wheel and a metal rod. They allow the door to glide along the tracks and open and close smoothly. Rollers naturally deteriorate over time, which can result in loosening or in wiggly movements. A professional can typically replace them quickly and easily.

4. Springs

The torsion spring, which is installed on top of the door, maintains a high degree of tension to balance the weight of the panels. On older door systems, extension springs replace the torsion spring and serve the same function, but they are located on either the side of the door or along the track overhead. Signs of broken springs include squeaking, a door that moves unusually slow, or in the case of extension springs, broken cables.


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