If your loved ones are having difficulty tackling day-to-day activities and worsening health problems, you may be ready to discuss the option of assisted living with them. However, your loved ones may be resistant to moving for a variety of reasons. But there are a few ways to have an open discussion and help them with the transition. 

3 Ways to Help Loved Ones Accept a Transition to Assisted Living

1. Involve Them

No one likes losing their independence, so it’s natural that your loved ones may be resistant to moving into a facility. Involve your family member in the discussion about why a move may be necessary, and ask them what they would look for in a new home. It’s important to discuss how their daily lives would improve—they wouldn’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning or even being alone. 

Invite them on tours of potential assisted living centers. Many facilities have extensive grounds and activities and a variety of living situations to accommodate their needs. Ultimately, it’s about making them part of the solution rather than pressing this decision upon them. 

2. Start the Discussion Early

assisted livingDon’t wait until health concerns are urgent before approaching the topic of assisted living. Talk about their health concerns, closeness to family, community involvement, and so on. Then, openly discuss what worries you and ask for their input into potential situations.

If your loved one took care of their parents, discuss how they felt about the outcome. What do they wish happened differently? What worked? Make sure you have these discussions during non-stressful events—Christmas dinner isn’t the right time. And plan to keep talking about this with them several times, so you can work together on fleshing out a plan. 

3. Accept Short-Term Solutions 

Focus on the immediate safety and medical needs of your loved one, and offer options that will fulfill those needs. Your mother may agree to a temporary home care service to assist her with cleaning and meals. Dial-a-Ride services can get her to medical appointments. Once she experiences the ease of having care, she may become more agreeable to a more permanent solution. Often, aging parents will agree to necessary modifications in their homes, such as grab bars in the bathroom, a chairlift for stairs, or wearing a panic button. 


Moving is stressful at any time of life, but choosing assisted living is a decision that shouldn’t be rushed. The Vineyards at Concord in Frankfort, OH, is a full-service assisted living facility that provides accommodations for seniors at different levels of independence. Call (740) 998-4777 to make an appointment to view their facility, and visit their website to learn more about their services.