One of the key issues surrounding senior care is helping patients deal with mobility problems. There are a number of reasons seniors have trouble getting around and caring for themselves. Some are neurological, while others involve inflammation or pain. Below is a list of some of the most common causes, a discussion of their effects, and an explanation of how senior care services can help.

5 Common Causes of Senior Mobility Issues

1. Osteoporosis

Senior careThis condition involves the bones becoming more brittle and prone to breakage. People with osteoporosis tend to move very slowly and carefully so as not to risk injury, and many display a hunch caused by spinal bone deterioration.

2. Falls or Injuries

A hard fall, especially coupled with osteoporosis, can result in a broken arm, leg, or hip. This could make it difficult to get around or to care for oneself. A senior care facility assists with dressing, using the restroom, or other personal tasks that could be difficult after an injury.

3. Alzheimer's or Dementia

Cognitive conditions like dementia can lead to mobility problems. For instance, patients often have trouble starting to walk from a stand-still or rising from a chair. This disorder, known as “apraxia of movement,” results from problems in the cerebellum. Messages from the brain are interrupted and make it difficult for patients to translate thoughts into actions. A senior care facility will treat the symptoms and help restore some mobility and independence.

4. Fibromyalgia

This disease affects the body's soft tissues and causes soreness that makes it difficult and painful to move. Senior care can assist with tasks that cause too much discomfort to complete alone and will remind patients to take their pain medications.

5. Parkinson's Disease

This nervous system disorder causes tremors and muscle stiffness that make walking and fine motor skills difficult. Simple tasks thus take much longer than they do for a healthy person.

As you can see, mobility issues in seniors arise for a number of reasons. However, a reputable assisted living situation can make life much easier and more convenient. If you or someone you love needs senior care, contact The Vineyards at Concord, the premier nursing home in Frankfort, OH. In business since 1986 and a proud member of the Ohio Assisted Living Association, they help a wide variety of clients, including Alzheimer's and rehabilitation patients and people in hospice care. To visit the campus, check out their website to view a map and business hours or call (740) 998-4777 to schedule an appointment.