Renting a port-a-potty for your event or construction site is a convenient, sanitary solution that ensures everyone has access to a bathroom. However, rowdy attendees, strong winds, and uneven ground can cause the toilet to tip over, spilling the waste and chemicals inside and on the ground. If you are dealing with this situation, here's a brief overview about what you should do.

What Should You Do After It Falls?

The first step after a spill is to call the toilet rental provider. Often, they’ll immediately send out a technician to raise the port-a-potty and clean it, and they may even swap the rental with a new model. If they are currently unavailable, they may provide instructions to help until a technician can arrive.

While waiting for the rental company, block the area around the toilet and spill so that attendees cannot get close. The chemicals and waste in the spill can pose health hazards if people come into contact with them, so keep everyone several feet away. Use wooden posts and ropes or caution tape to signal the affected area.


The port-a-potty provider may also ask you to disinfect the spill using a plant-safe disinfectant, if you have one nearby. Pour the cleaner over the area liberally to kill harmful bacteria, and then wash your shoes thoroughly after finishing. Never try to raise the toilet or clean it yourself unless you have protective gear, as contact with the waste can lead to rashes, infections, or respiratory irritation.

How Can You Prevent Future Issues?

The best way to ensure your port-a-potties are stable is by placing them on a flat, sturdy surface, and anchoring them to the ground with wooden posts or ropes. Also, place them behind a building or durable shelter so that wind cannot reach them. Avoid placing the rentals near machinery or equipment. If you are worried about vandalism, make sure there is sufficient lighting surrounding the toilets, and consider putting a fence around them when not in use. If your toilets are a long-term installment, set up cameras nearby to identify trespassers.


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