If you own a sprinkler system, you should know that there are additional installations that can save you money in the long run. Irrigation wells are commonly recommended for anyone with a mid- to large-sized yard. Learn more below about these systems and why you should have one for your property.

A Guide to Irrigation Wells

What is the purpose of an irrigation well?

irrigation well

An irrigation well functions similarly to a home well system. The only difference is that instead of supplying water to your plumbing appliances, an irrigation well delivers water to your sprinkler system. This installation redirects your sprinkler system to take water from your own stores instead of relying on city or county water lines. 

What are the benefits of these well installations?

The main benefit of using your own water supply is that you won't be subject to water charges from a utility company. You'll have lower water bills and be able to avoid inflated prices during periods of drought. These installations also increase your home's property value, for a maintained system is a sought-out commodity by potential home buyers. 

Are there any restrictions you should know about irrigation wells?

The state of Montana has an online manual regarding all rules and regulations for installing irrigation wells for domestic use. You should contact your local Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) Regional Office before starting construction to ensure you meet all the requirements for the installation. Most well drilling companies will assist you in getting the right permits and meeting regulations.

How do you find the right well drilling contractor?

The only way to ensure your installation is done correctly and according to local regulations is to employ a contractor that is licensed by your state to provide this service. You can check the DNRC's Board of Water Well Contractors webpage to make sure your chosen contractor has an up-to-date license. They must be renewed every two years, guaranteeing that a contractor is knowledgeable in their field of expertise. 


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