When you or a loved one is undergoing cancer treatment, managing everyday life can sometimes be a challenge. You may have days when you feel great, and other days when the illness takes a greater toll. Although it’s crucial to work closely with your health care team, below are a few more tips to stay more comfortable during this time. 


Work with a nutritionist.

During cancer treatment, maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging. Side effects from treatments can make some foods difficult or impossible to eat.

However, a healthy diet of nutritious foods can help limit side effects and improve how you feel. Work with your doctor and a nutritionist to identify the best foods to eat and develop an eating plan that meets your unique needs.

Ask for help. 

Cancer treatment can have a profound effect on your energy levels, making even simple tasks feel monumental. Ask for help during treatment to ensure you have the physical and emotional support you need.

For instance, ask a friend or relative to help with errands, housekeeping, or to accompany you to appointments for moral support. If you’re struggling to deal with the emotional effects of your illness, and you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, or other negative emotions, ask your doctor to recommend a counselor. 


Isolate yourself. 

cancer treatmentAlthough extra precautions to avoid illness and infection are necessary during cancer treatment, that doesn’t mean you cannot socialize. Visits with loved ones can provide a mood boost, as can getting out when possible for a change of scenery.

If you feel up to it, visit a park for some fresh air and sunshine. This can boost your circulation and energy.

Overdo it.

Getting some exercise can help you feel better, but don't overdo it. Cancer treatment makes you tired for many reasons, from the effects on your red blood cells to your diet changes.

When you feel exhausted, get some rest. Being overtired makes the effects of the treatment more pronounced, and it will be harder to cope. Again, ask for help when you need it, change your work schedule if necessary, and take time to rest when you need to. 



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