Intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy is a form of integrative medicine, meaning that it accounts for the whole individual. Like other forms of integrative medicine, its goal is to promote wellness at the cellular level, instead of just addressing symptoms. Discover what this innovative approach entails and whether it could be right for you below.

Commonly Asked IV Nutritional Therapy Questions

What is IV nutritional therapy?

IV nutritional therapy is the delivery of vitamins, minerals, and additional nutrients delivered directly into the vein. There are several potential combinations of nutrients available. They’re administered with the patient’s needs in mind, as is always the case with integrative medicine.

For example, the Myer’s Cocktail is used to improve energy levels with specific doses of vitamin C and B-complex, among other nutrients.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

integrative medicineIn bypassing the digestive system, IV nutritional therapy allows for fuller, quicker absorption into the bloodstream. The nutrients can then spur positive changes at the cellular level. This is especially useful for patients whose nutrients aren’t being absorbed properly due to factors such as digestive issues.

Who is and isn’t an ideal candidate?

Individuals with chronic conditions may also benefit from the powerful dose of nutrients delivered through this integrative medicine approach. For instance, the therapy could benefit people with fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, seasonal allergies, asthma, and migraines, among others.

However, it should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women and anyone on medications that could interact with the vitamins.

Can people who undergo chemo receive it?

Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy are ideal candidates for IV therapy. Research shows that high doses of vitamin C have improved quality of life for people receiving chemotherapy, as well as reduced side effects from the cancer treatment.



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