Immunotherapy is a treatment that utilizes the capabilities of a person's own immune system to prevent and treat certain diseases, including cancer. As this approach to disease management has become more common, many different immunotherapies have been developed. Below, learn about how they work for cancer patients and the benefits they provide.

How Immunotherapy Works

The overall goal of immunotherapy is to encourage a patient's immune system to recognize, minimize, and eliminate cancers. This is usually accomplished by the introduction of immunoactive agents, nutritional supplements, and detoxifiers that stimulate one's natural defenses. As a result, the immune system works harder and is better able to identify cancer cells.

immunotherapyIn essence, immunotherapies "educate" the body so that it can detect and fend off cancer, while also providing the immune system with the strength and support it needs. The immune system is complex, but it can be trained to target cancerous cells while keeping healthy cells unaffected. The immune system is also constantly adapting to changing conditions within the body. As such, it can also adapt as necessary to changing cancer cells.

What Are the Benefits?

Immunotherapy is a targeted response to cancer, unlike certain drugs and procedures that affect—and compromise—the whole body. It has been effective for certain types of cancers that are traditionally more resistant to chemotherapy and radiation, such as melanomas.

Because immunotherapies retrain the immune system to recognize and respond to cancers, they can sometimes result in longer remission periods. Also, these approaches are usually not accompanied by the uncomfortable side effects associated with other treatments, like nausea or hair loss.


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