When your doctor informs you of an HIV diagnosis, it’s natural to go inward as you process the news. Instead of simply reflecting on your past, though, integrative medicine providers recommend finding ways to move forward and thrive within your new circumstances. Here are a few ways you can manage the coming months in a holistic way. 

4 Ways to Manage an HIV Diagnosis

1. Educate Yourself

Many individuals diagnosed with HIV believe that AIDS is the automatic next step in their journey. However, with modern advances in health care coupled with integrative medicine, many HIV patients live long lives without contracting AIDS. Make a list of the questions you have and reach out to your doctor so that you have a full understanding of your health and what you need to do to maintain it. 

2. Find Support

To keep spirits up, find like-minded individuals who understand your diagnosis. Your loved ones and friends will offer sympathy, but empathy from people who have been in your shoes can be incredibly beneficial.

Integrative MedicineSeek support groups and lean on the people in your life you truly trust. An outlet to discuss your health and experiences can boost your mood and help you forge new, meaningful friendships that keep you motivated and inspired. 

3. Prioritize a Wellness Routine

In order to stay healthy, it’s important to monitor your condition and focus on maintaining a strong immune system. A combination of prescription medication and integrative medicine such as vitamin supplements, exercise, and stress management can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and, ultimately, a higher quality of life. 

4. Protect Others

In addition to finding a support group, prioritizing a healthy immune system, and understanding HIV, work with your doctors to establish a protection plan to prevent transmission to others. This will include practicing safe sex and refraining from sharing needles.


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