Living near the beach is fun and relaxing, and you likely rely on the home's HVAC system to keep you comfortable during the hottest days. However, when wind blows over the water, salt particles can travel with the air and damage components in your heating and cooling system. Below is more information about the issues this can cause and how to prevent them.

How Does Salty Air Affect Your HVAC System?

In coastal areas, salt from the sea is carried in the air and can settle inside your HVAC equipment, creating a dust-like coating on the metal surfaces. The salt attracts moisture, and the mixture can corrode the metal components in your HVAC system. One of the most vulnerable parts is the condenser coil, which is typically made from aluminum fins and copper tubing. This component breaks down when exposed to salt, which can allow refrigerant to leak and reduce the air conditioner's effectiveness. If your system is damaged by salty air, you might notice reduced airflow and a warmer home. 

How Can You Prevent Issues?

HVAC system

Regular maintenance is the best protection for your HVAC system. Clean the system regularly with a microfiber cloth and warm water to remove the salty film that collects. Pay special attention to the compressor coils, which are the most susceptible to corrosion. Also, spray the outdoor unit briefly with fresh water to rinse the salt and prevent it from accumulating.

Some HVAC systems are built specifically to resist salt-related damage. If your current system has failed because of salt, replacing it with a new model that is suited to the environment can help prevent future repairs. Also, installing the unit where it is protected from ocean winds will minimize how much salt builds up on the components. For example, placing the air conditioner on the opposite side of the home from the beach is an excellent way to use the structure as a barricade, protecting the unit.


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