As the leaves change colors and the outdoor temperature drops, you likely won't rely on the air conditioning unit as often. Since this appliance worked hard throughout the summer and early fall, preparing it for less usage ensures it is ready for the spring when the temperature rises. Below are several strategies to help you with this process.

What AC Maintenance Tasks Should You Handle Before Winter?

1. Replace the Filter

The air filter traps dirt, dust, and other contaminants to prevent them from circulating throughout the home. Even though you won't use the air conditioning unit as often, the debris buildup from the fall is still present on this screen. Generally, you should replace this part about once a season. If you have a busy home or several pets, you may need to change it once a month. This ensures that the filter is clean when you need to turn the cooling system on.

2. Inspect the Ducts

air conditioning unit

To deliver air to the home efficiently, the air conditioning unit uses a system of ducts. These channels can accumulate considerable dust and debris even when you aren't using the cooling system, which can then blow into the home when you turn it on. The best way to prevent this is by removing the vents and looking inside the ducts. If you see debris, use a broom to remove it. Then, wipe the registers and vents with a microfiber cloth, and vacuum the floors around them. This helps prevent dust from getting inside the system so that it is clean when you need to cool the home.

3. Clean the Condenser

With the falling leaves, considerable debris can accumulate around the outdoor condenser. The leaves and twigs can enter the intake, clogging the fan, damaging internal components, and creating a fire hazard. To prevent this, rake the leaves in your yard and trim bushes that are near the condenser. Make sure the unit has at least 2 feet of space on all sides. Then, turn off the power to the appliance and open the top grate to remove any debris inside of it.


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