To keep your home cool and the air clean, you need to replace the HVAC filter every one to three months. However, once summer hits, it's easy to forget when you last changed it. Luckily, there are some clear signs that it's due for a replacement. 

When Is It Time to Replace the HVAC Filter?

1. Filter Is Dirty

The easiest way to tell that you need to change the air filter is by pulling it out and checking its condition. If the filter is a gray or brown color and clogged with dust, it's time to replace it. A dirty filter is less effective at circulating the cool air. Since dirt and debris won't catch on a clogged filter, those particles will make their way throughout the house, and the AC will work twice as hard to cool the home. 

2. Household Allergies Are Worsening


If you or someone in your household has been suffering from flu-like symptoms while at home, but they clear up when you leave the house, it may be due to a clogged air filter. 

Replacing your air filter will allow pet dander, dust, and other small particles to be properly filtered again, clearing up your indoor air quality and reducing sinus issues, breathing difficulties, and itchy eyes. 

3. AC Unit Isn't Cooling Properly

A clogged air filter doesn't only diminish air quality. It can also cause your air conditioning unit to overwork itself. Because the air isn't circulating properly, the system can overheat and break down, resulting in a costly repair. You can avoid this problem entirely by making sure you routinely swap it out according to the directions on its label. 


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