The proper pairing of seafood with wine can enhance the flavors of your meal and heighten your culinary experience. However, if you don’t have extensive knowledge of wine, you may feel overwhelmed when it’s time to choose a bottle from the shop. Here is a list of the best wine and fresh or smoked seafood pairings to consider for your next dinner party.

Top 3 Wine & Seafood Pairings

1. Halibut & Chardonnay

Halibut is a lean fish with a flaky texture and a mild flavor. It pairs well with a California chardonnay because rather than overpowering the fruity notes, the simple flavors of the fish complement the richness of the wine. Whether you’re baking or pan-searing the halibut, season it with butter and herbs for a fresh taste. 

2. Fresh Salmon & Pinot Noir

smoked seafoodSalmon and pinot noir is a perfect pairing. Because salmon is such a meaty fish, one of the best ways to cook it is on the grill. The light spiciness of the pinot noir grape is a good match for the rich texture and charred grill flavor. 

3. Smoked Salmon & Full-Bodied Whites

Smoked salmon pairs well with champagne and any full-bodied white wine. For example, Chablis has the right acidity to balance the oily texture of the salmon. A European chardonnay is also a great match as it has citrus rather than oak flavors, which is a delicious choice for smoked seafood.  


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