Although reindeer meat might seem like something out of the ordinary, it’s a tasty and rich source of nutrients. You can try it as a roast, steak, or Alaskan sausage if you’re interested and enjoy a number of health benefits.

3 Health Benefits of Reindeer Meat

1. Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are something most people don’t get enough of because the primary source is fish. Reindeer meat is an alternative. Analysis of Norwegian diets showed that reindeer meat can provide levels of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids comparable to crabs, oysters, and cod. These acids have shown to benefit everything from cardiovascular health to brain function.

2. Low Fat Content

game-processing-alaska-sausage-and- seafoodThough meat often comes with unhealthy fat, Alaskan sausage made with reindeer meat is quite lean. Reindeer meat only has about 2% fat content. While your body needs fat, it should come from healthy sources like avocados or lentils. Cutting unhealthy fats can benefit cardiovascular health while ensuring you still get a healthy dose of protein, which contributes to muscle mass

3. Vitamins & Minerals

Reindeer meat is full of essential nutrients like Vitamin B12. The vitamin improves red blood cell production, which can combat anemia and better transport oxygen throughout the body. It also boosts bone health and can even improve your mood. Plus, reindeer meat contains higher concentrations of minerals like iron, zinc, and selenium than other animal products.


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