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About Childer’s Financial Services

When you’re in need of a medical opinion, you don’t ask your mechanic—you ask a doctor. The same should hold true for when you need an evaluation of your property. Childers’ Financial Services in Somerset, KY, is your expert for commercial and residential property appraisals, serving 14 counties with quick and accurate property evaluations.

Whether you’re looking to relocate to a new office space or a new state, finding the right buyer can be made difficult with inaccurate property appraisals. The educated and experienced appraisers at Childers’ are more than capable of bringing you the results you need to ensure a sound transaction. If you’re buying property and want to know how much it’s worth, they can assist with land appraisals as well.

Stay informed while making important financial decisions and allow Childers’ Financial Services to gather the information you need. For more information on property appraisals, call or visit them online.


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